The Beauty of a Doctor’s Note

Sometimes a doctor’s note is required to enable one to excuse himself or herself from work because of illness. However, you need a valid reason to stay away from work; otherwise you can get fired for missing work repeatedly without a good reason. A doctor’s note comes in handy during periods of illness. Employers often ask their employees to submit a note from a medical practitioner whenever they fail to show up at work because of sickness. They often apply the relevant company policy uniformly to ensure all employees are treated equally, as fairness is important in the workplace.

What is in a Doctor’s Note?

The most important things that an employer looks for in a doctor’s note include the date and time of examination and any other relevant details, such as what dates the employee is expected to miss work in order to seek medication or recover fully before resuming duty. However, the note is not expected to reveal in-depth details that may violate the employee’s right to patient privacy or confidentiality. However, some employers may demand to know the details so that they can determine whether the employee’s condition is not contagious and can therefore safely return to work. In that case, the employee may be required to obtain a note from the physician stating that his or her condition is not a threat to public safety.

Using a Doctor’s Note to Avoid Work

While it is unethical to use sickness as an excuse to avoid work, some employees continue to do so. They intentionally miss work to attend to other personal matters only to return with a note from their physician. There are many reasons an employee may decide to skip work, including because of family matters, a job interview, business issues, and more. Regardless, many employees have successfully used illness to justify their unexplained non-attendance.